Pet Shipping News


Monday Aprl 13, 2015


The CDC has just recently changed the pet transportation rules and regulations for importing dogs and cats into the USA from other countries.  To insure that your pets are not refused entry upon arrival, please check with the CDC to insure they are in compliance with all of the new laws.  They are not insurmountable or superfluous, but they must be followed for the pets to enter the USA without delays or refusals.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Little Argyle here just arrived this week in Amsterdam after leaving Portland, Oregon for his door to door journey. Only minutes after arriving and being delivered to his mom, he's shown here out and taking a walk in the park with his Mom and Dad in beautiful Amsterdam ..... this guy is SUCH a cutie!  Thank you Amber for letting us help you with Argyle's pet transport. We're glad to see you all enjoying another VIP PET TRANSPORT happy ending! 

FRIDAY, JULY 25, 2014


These three darling little British Shorthair kitties just arrived safely in Madrid, Spain after departing on their long journey from Portland, Oregon, and are now at home with their Mom.  They look like they enjoy traveling, and we are happy that VIP PET TRANSPORT was able to swiftly and safely help reunite them with their family.  Thank you Veronica for allowing VIP PET TRANSPORT to arrange for your pets' transport, each pet shipment is special to us, and it's always a true pleasure to create another HAPPY ENDING for our wonderful clients worldwide. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014


We're proud and happy to announce that VIP PET TRANSPORT has been verified by SIGNL this month to be one of their top 50 industry growth ranked companies. Our employees work hard to insure that all animals entrusted to our care for all pet shipments and pet transports are treated as gently, safely, responsibly, and compassionately as possible. Many thanks go out to our very capable and caring employees as well as to all of the wonderful clients and worldwide associates who worked alongside us to make this commendation happen.

Sunday July 6, 2014

Another Pet Shipping HAPPY ENDING !

PET SHIPPING can be a really rewarding profession, especially when we see that our efforts have created happy, perky, faces like this kitty sitting in the window of his new home in Dublin, Ireland after being shipped from New York together with his 3 brothers and sisters. It looks like he's enjoying his new digs. VIP PET TRANSPORT is happy to have been able to make the shipment as smooth as possible for these pets and for their mom. Thanks Debra, for letting us help you with your pets' transport. You were, indeed, a pleasure to work with and have now become a very special VIP PET TRANSPORT friend.  Please contact us to see how we can help you create a smooth trip for your furry family members too !

Sunday July 6, 2014


VIP PET TRANSPORT has been selected for the third year in a row to receive the BEST BUSINESS IN THE PET INDUSTRY award!  Thank you to all of the wonderful clients who have entrusted us with the care of their pets during their pet shipping experience, allowed us to create a safe and smooth pet transport for them, and for making this award possible. We appreciate your trust in us, and for allowing us to arrange your domestic and international pet relocations. We love creating HAPPY ENDINGS for our furred and feathered family friends !

Sunday May 18, 2014

PET TRANSPORT BY AIR IS AFFORDABLE AND SMOOTH AND SWIFT AND SAFE! You've probably heard that pets that fly as cargo or excess baggage in an aircraft have to suffer and/or are in danger by virtue of having no heat or air conditioning and no pressurization control in their area on the airplane. THIS IS SO UNTRUE! All animals are carried on an aircraft in the special "animal hold" area, and are provided with climate control using the same heating, air conditioning, and pressurization systems that provide the passengers' and captain's environment in the cabin. Any aircraft that does not have these capabilities for pets will not accept live animals for flight. So your pet's transport environment on board feels exactly like YOUR environment on board feels, only they don't have all of the distractions that happen in the passenger cabin and the other passengers that make us all sometimes uncomfortable and annoyed during our flights. Also, the captain of each flight has a manifest to review and which he checks prior to flight, and this shows him that LIVE ANIMALS are on board. He can then watch the climate conditions in their area from the cockpit and adjust temperatures and pressurization as need be, just as he does for the passengers in the passenger section of the aircraft. All of this means that our pets ALWAYS fly "First Class", while some of the rest of us are not so lucky. PLEASE KNOW THAT YOUR PET'S TRIP WILL BE SAFE AND SWIFT WHEN YOU SHIP BY AIR, and that they will arrive rested, happy, and safe.


VIP PET TRANSPORT has been selected for the third year in a row to receive the BEST BUSINESS IN THE PET INDUSTRY award!  Thank you to all of the wonderful clients who have entrusted us with the care of their pets during their pet shipping experience, allowed us to create a safe and smooth pet transport for them, and for making this award possible. We appreciate your trust in us, and for allowing us to arrange your domestic and international pet relocations. We love creating HAPPY ENDINGS for our furred and feathered family friends !

 June 14, 2012



As summer approaches and the days become hotter and hotter, safe pet transportation becomes a huge challenge. Many airlines that transport pets will not accept pets for flight in the warmer weather at all, and many of the shorter-nosed breeds are also being resticted from pet shipping in the warmer weather altogether. In order for your pet's travel experience to be a safe one, and as quick as possible for your pet, be sure to plan well ahead and work with a professional pet shipper who knows which airlines are experienced in shipping pets in inclement weather, and what things you can do to keep your pet safe, comfortable, and cool during pet transports during the days of extreme heat. A knowledgeable pet shipper can also insure that your pet's shipment is routed using the best flights available for your furry or feathered friend, and perhaps via cities, airlines, or airports you hadn't even considered. Remember, too, to make certain that your flight kennel is of the appropriate size to be allowed for pet shipping, as the airlines' restrictions are strict as regards the size and type of your flight kennel, and have been implemented for the safety of your pet during his or her relocation process. If you are in doubt as to the kennel size you will need, always go up one size to the next largest size in warmer weather to allow your pet plenty of room for fresh air and ventilation while he is in his traveling condo, and to avoid having him or her overheat. Putting ice in his waterbowl will help him stay hydrated and refreshed too. So plan ahead, work with a professional, have your pet accustomed to his flight kennel before flight date, and you'll enjoy a safe and stress-free pet shipping experience for your pet, no matter what the temperatures may be. We would be happy to create a smooth, safe, swift, affordable, and stress-free trip for your pet during this difficult time of year.

March 15, 2012
International Pet Shipping
Hello Everybody, and WELCOME TO SPRING! This time of year heralds a flurry of pet relocations and transportation to new and foreign destinations for many people, whether for purposes of pleasure or employment, and completing an international pet shipment can be a very long and frightening process. While all foreign countries require specific and proprietary import/export documentation, many countries also require import permits and other inoculations, tests, and procedures for legal import of live animals as well. And airlines have many individual and confusing protocols too. In addition, many restrictions are placed on pet flights during the summer months, and space is at a premium for pets flying as cargo. If you are planning a pet relocation to another country at any time of year, we cannot stress enough the need to begin the export process for your pet as far in advance of your departure date as possible. To insure that all of the above mentioned items are completed correctly, and within the prescribed timeframes, you'll find that using a professional pet shipper will significantly enhance and simplify your pet relocation experience. A company such as VIP PET TRANSPORT, which ships pets worldwide on a daily basis, and is familiar with the procedures that accompany each country's pet import protocols, will save you money, time and heartache, while easing your stress as well as that of your pet during his or her journey. Please remember the old adage ..... "PLAN AHEAD" ..... and avoid having to leave your beloved pet behind due to insufficient preparation for your pet's transportation. Getting your "Best Friends" to their new location may, indeed, be the most important, and most rewarding part of your trip!


August 23, 2011
Pet Shipping In Summer Months
With the advent of summer, and the hot days and nights that accompany the season, it's very important to take extra care to insure your pets' comfort and see that your furred and feathered friends do not become overheated during your pets' relocation to their new home.  This is even more important when shipping your pet unaccompanied, as maintaining superior climate control to insure your pet's safety during every step of the trip is a key element in the creation of a successful pet relocation at any time of the year.  A professional, experienced pet shipper will understand and consider all of the aspects that contribute to safe pet travel as regards the appropriate choice of flight kennels, the documents required, any inoculations and/or treatments as necessary prior to shipment, and the selection of safe pet flight times.  A professional will also be able to focus on taking into account individual breed characteristics, and even more importantly, on choosing the best airlines through which your pet will be safely cared for  in any weather conditions. Just as any other industry has good companies and bad, some airlines are better than others at caring for your pet.   Shipping pets within the country can be challenging, and the longer flights as may be required to ship pets internationally can be even more problematic.  Don't take any chances with your pets' safety, and don't entrust them to anyone inexperienced with animal shipping requirements and protocols.  Hiring a professional pet shipper may cost you a little more, but the heightened safety and comfort of your pet's shipping experience, coupled with the planning of the the swiftest possible itinerary for your pet with the least posssible amount of worry for you will be well worth the cost in the end.  Your "Best Friends" deserve nothing less than the "VERY BEST".  Provide him with the security, safety, and peace of mind that he cannot provide for himself.
April 22, 2010
OVMA Recommends VIP Pet Transport
To Their Members
We are proud and honored that the OVMA has listed VIP PET TRANSPORT as their recommended pet shipper of choice, and we look forward to working closely with their member doctors and clinics to create many smooth, safe, swift, and stress-free moves for our mutual clients' pets.  Collaboration between our company and the attending veterinarian on the many shipping requirements needed to properly ship and/or export pets and animals is mandatory, and we enjoy the ability to work closely with our clients' doctors and staff to insure that all shipments as smooth as possible.  Thank you OVMA for providing your members with a link on your website to our company !
April 22, 2010 
New PetLuxe Personalized Service
Available This Summer
VIP PET TRANSPORT is excited to announce our new PetLuxe personalized pet travel experience being launched this summer!  We'll be offering an entirely new and special way for your animals to travel, with first class, premier services to or from any city on the planet.  Stay tuned for updates and information on our new product.  We know you'll like it, and we're certain your pets will too !
March 21, 2010
Microchipping Updates & Information
We all know of the many reasons for microchipping your pets, the safety net it provides for lost animals, and the need for ISO microchips for pets traveling out of the country. But few people know a couple of other bits of microchip information. First, it is illegal for lost pets who are found and taken to shelters (or other locations) to be sold or given to any research labs for any purpose if they have been microchipped. This is ANOTHER GOOD REASON to have all pets microchipped ..... if they have one, they CANNOT end up as a research subject!  And chips cannot be removed without major surgical intervention. Second, we've had a couple instances lately where the chips have "migrated" to other locations from where they were initially implanted under the skin ........ one moved to a cat's "chin", and another to a dog's "thigh". It's a good practice to have your pets' chips, and those of your clients' pets, scanned regularly to insure they can be easily located and read to insure they are still readable.  By insuring that your pet has a readable microchip, and if you are traveling with your pet, whether across the state or around the world, you can always be reunited if your pet is chipped and can be identified. We would suggest you acquire one for your pet the next time you visit your veteriarian, and lessen the risk of separation while increasing their safety. Most veterinarians have these available for your pet, and if you plan on traveling internationally with your pet, be certain that it is ISO readable, #11784 or #11785.  HAPPY TRAVELS ! 
January 4, 2010
Tightening Airline Security Making Pet Shipments Problematic

With the recent attempted airline terrorist attacks and the myriad of continued terror threats, many air carriers have implemented more stringent requirements for their air cargo shipments, including those for pets and live animals.  And while heightened security measures insure more safety for both passengers and for pets traveling by air, the logistics of transporting animals by air is getting more and more complex.  What does this mean to you, the pet owner?  It simply means that air cargo shipments must now, most often, be coordinated through the use of a licensed pet shipping agent or company, as cargo from "unknown shippers" represents a potential security threat to the aircraft and the passengers on board. That's where we come in!  We can arrange your pet's shipment in a timely, affordable, and efficient fashion, and you can avoid the stress and save the time consuming task of having to try and find an airline that will carry your pets to their destination for you.  As the TSA continues to increase security, and as the airlines worldwide follow suit with more restrictive requirements for their cargo shipments, we will be available and working hard to assist you with all of your pet transport needs. Creating  smooth, swift, and stress-free moves for your animals is what we do best.  We look forward to 2010 and the many challenges it brings to our industry, but, more than that, we look forward to helping all of our clients get their pets safely relocated to their new homes.  And ...... we look forward to hearing from you and helping you, too, with your pets' next journey.  HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of our clients and associates old and new!

December 28, 2009
For all of our clients who relocated with their pets in the year of 2009, please remember that your pet relocation expenses are most likely tax deductible if your household move was precipitated by a change in employment status or due to your acceptance of  a new job at a new location. (Refer to  IRS Publication #521)  So remember to keep all of your receipts for any costs involved with your pets' move, including VIP Pet Transport fees, veterinary costs, airfare, flight kennel costs, boarding (if any), USDA charges, and any other items paid for in relationship to your pet's shipment, and have them available for your accountant's use when you prepare your 2009 U.S. Federal Income Tax Return. Be aware that your tax professional may not be aware of this deduction, and feel free to have him or her refer to the IRS Publication #521 referenced above.
December 13, 2009
As we approach the Holiday Season, many people are finding it more and more difficult to get their pet shipped by air to their new home.  Pet relocation during the winter months can present huge challenges in pet transportation due to many airlines implementing temperature embargos in cold weather, and refusing to carry live animals during the Holidays on top of that.  If you are planning to transport your pet via air during the next few months, we would strongly recommend that you plan well ahead and allow us to book your pet's flight for you as soon as you know the date of your move.  With so few airlines taking pets at this time of year, space can fill up quickly and space for live animal cargo shipments is always available on a first come first served basis.  And if you are traveling internationally, your pet may need special documentation and treatments as well, which can in some cases take months, so early planning for your pet's move will make the whole event less stressful for both you and him!  There has never been a time when the old adage "Plan Ahead" seemed more appropriate!