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"Hi Sandy!!  All I can say is a GREAT job!!!!  We arrived at LHR at 2 pm and after immigration, baggage claim and customs we arrived at the Animal Centre at 2:40 pm.  10 minutes later we loaded Callie + Crate into the car!!!  Unbelievable. She was in great condition and the crate was dry.  Of course, she was pleased to see us.  Thank you so very much for all your help."
Kind regards,
Edith and Peter & Callie, London, England
"Hi Sandy,  I just wanted to let you know that Biscuit arrived safe and sound!  Thank you SO much for evertyhing I could not have gotten him here on my own.  I will be contacting you in 2 years I am sure to get him back home for us"
Cathy, Zurich, Switzerland
"I engaged the services of VIP Pet Transport. Sandy at the company allayed my fears and was able to have Gypsy transported safely and comfortably into our hands within 12 hours of our own arrival here in Manila. If you have any other clients in need of similar services, I strongly suggest referring them to VIP Pet Transport."
Charlotte, Manila, Philippines
"Sandy, I want to thank you so very much for making this all I'm a believer!  I have been extremely concerned right from the start that they may not make it.  But now I am so relieved that they are at their new home with Tracy, and they are well.  Thank you.  We couldn't have done it without you. Sincerely,"
Molly, Seattle - Sri Lanka
"Dear Sandy, My cat made it safely to France. Thank you for all of your help, you are doing an amazing job!  Sincerely,"
Patrice, Paris, France
"Sandy, Many thanks for your arrangements to transport Domino to England. We picked up the little lady late on that Friday, we think she had a better journey than we did!  The Animal Reception centre in London Heathrow was very impressive and well staffed, even late in the evening.  Anyway, we are now down in Devon and looking for a permanent house near the sea if possible. So, we thank you yet again and we would recommend your arrangement skills to anyone.  We hope all goes well for you in 2011.  Very Best Regards......."
Eileen, Domino and Ken - Devon, England
"Thank you for the safe and easy transport of Bailey from LA to MN.  She arrived happy and "unphased". 
Thank you also for your help and I wish you much success in your business. I know I will use your services again."
Kim, Minnesota, USA

"Sandy,  I picked up the dogs on Friday night and they are in great shape! They are happy and healthy. I can't thank you enough for your suppot with all of this. When I have time I will send you some more information on Sri Lanka and I will send you a pic of the little guys in their new home. Thanks again,  "
Tracy, Sri Lanka
"Hi Sandy,   Just to let you know that Wilson has arrived safely in Seattle and is now with my husband in the car on the way home J. He is apparently in great form! As always, thanks for all your help getting him here. You?ve been fantastic. Thanks also to your team in the UK who stepped in the last minute to help out with pick up etc.   Hopefully this will be his last long haul trip but if we ever need to do it again we will definitely use VIP Pet Transport.  Thanks again!"
Claire, Ripon UK - Seattle, WA
"Hi Sandy,  Leon has arrived home and is wandering around his new house.  We met him at Heathrow where the staff had taken good care of him. Thank you for sorting everything out for us - we really appreciate your work and how you followed through with everything. I will certainly recommend your services.  Many thanks,"
Tracy & Todd, and Leon, Halifax, England 

"We can nevethank you enough for your time and attention to the details that made a success out of a very intense project. We'll toast to your success and pleasure."
Clare & Mike, Spokane, WA

"Job well done, the high flyers are home, I just got back from the airport and I couldn't be more pleased! Tabby and BJ seemed really happy to see us, they both came towards us and were happy to be greeted!  If one could get into their minds, they must have some story to tell about this long journey. Everything came through just fine, including the food bag and the medicine taped to it. Many thanks to you for helping with this, inlcuding from two relieved cats!"
Catherine in Yemen
"Hi Sandy,  I am writting to thank you for all that you did to get my brother's dog Shedaisy from Portland to Ontario, California.  You definitely went above and beyond to help me out during a very stressful time.  You will never know how much he and I appreciate all you did. I will always remember how you and Geoff jumped in and got everything done that was required to get her on a plane in short order.  She arrived sitting up and looking out as if she flew on an airplane every day.  Obviously she knew that she had been given First Class transportation and care. Thank you again for all of your help,"
Lyn, Portland, Oregon
"Hey Sandy,  I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help in planning Sadie's trip from NYC-Los Angeles--you truly are a godsend.  After speaking with you I was so much more comfortable sending her on the plane.  Sadie had a great trip in her perfectly outfitted travel kennel (thanks to all your guidance) and is loving California.  I will definitely be sure to contact you for any other travel we plan for Sadie and have already told several people about how great you are and how EASY you make things.  Thanks so much for making that part of my move hassle-free!  Thanks again,"
Jill and Sadie, Los Angeles

"Once again Sandy, I can't thank you enough! This was such a difficult move, made all the more stressful worrying about the cats. And if I hadn't found your service I am not sure what we would have done! Thank you, Thank you!! I would recommend you to any one of my friends and family!"
Kristina with Rudie & Missy, Frankfurt, Germany ..........We Thank YOU!

 "As usual, another of our clients is praising the professionalism and thoughtfulness you display when working on their pets' shipping needs. We're glad to have found you, and will continue to recommend you to any and all who are in need of your services. Thank you for another job well done! "
Jeffrey W. Scheer, DVM, HENDERSON VETERINARY HOSPITAL,  Porterville, California, USA
"Just to let you know we made it safely back to Dublin yesterday and Wilson has enjoyed his first day on Irish soil. He coped well on the ferry. I expect after 12 plus hours on a plane, it was a pretty easy experience!!! I also want to thank you so much again for all you did to ensure Wilson's safe passage. You have been amazing and it helped calm my nerves immensely knowing that Wilson was in such great hands, both in the run up to his flight and during. Sandy, I will be recommending your services to everyone I speak to. You have been very patient through-out, helping us through the sea of paper work, dealing with confused vets (and owners!) and in summary,  the quality of your service has, as they say at Microsoft, "massively exceeded our expectations"!!! Having Wilson over here is a great birthday surprise for our son, Ollie, who turns 3 tomorrow. Both Eric and I are eternally grateful to you. Thanks again, and we?ll be in touch for our return trip!"
Claire, Dublin, Ireland
"I just wanted to let you know that all went well with Chilli.  As you had predicted, the airlines provided excellent service, and Chilli arrived well and safe.  She is now happily looking at cows and sheep and enjoying the fresh air of Switzerland.  Thank you for all your assistance.  I shall certainly recommend you to anyone I know traveling. Thanks and best regards."
Karen, Geneva, Switzerland
"Hi Sandy,  Lukas is here healthy and happy. It was a wonderful reunion. Thank you for all that you did to get him here.  Heartfelt Thanks, "
Marcia, Tom, Ben, Taylor, and of course, Lukas
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

"Really Sandy, I've never encountered such a wonderful person to clearly explain and help me walk through such an unfamiliar and difficult process. Your professional knowledge and great humor was an extraordinary blessing for me in an effort to finally get Flash home with his family safe and sound. Your hands-on care for your "clients" truly expresses the spirit of comradeship for all of us who love our pets. Your counsel and skills are responsible for Flash's homecoming. I can't thank you enough. Flash indeed arrived fit, beautiful and very happy! The kids are thrilled to have him back. They have already visited the shore with him and he's having a ball with the new sights, smells and fascinating birds flying around there! I'll be flying out tomorrow A.M. and am looking forward to a few days with all. Yes, I'll pass on your hugs for Flash, and we all wish we could hug you too!"
Arlene, Spokane WA, and London, England
'Hi Sandy, ... Just wanted to drop you a note to say that the pup we sent to Finland last week arrived over there without a hitch. Everything went incredibly smoothly with your shipping plan, and she arrived as scheduled in Helsinki despite a heavy snowfall there that day. She took the journey home in stride and is settling in with her new family in Finnish Lapland. Thank you for your help in making the shipping arrangements! It was such a pleasure working with you, and I will definitely use your company again for our future needs with shipping our kids.Take care. "
Sue, Twisp, Washington, USA
"Many thanks for providing all the assistance and sorting everything out.  Every one is now adjusting, even significantly quieted down.  Piccolo is now hiding behind my suitcase and I'm trying to convince Angora that sitting on the open dish shelf is not the prefered place, but they've all thoroughly explored the place, drunk some water etc.  I even open the balcony door, which I was leary about but then  was only a brief curiosity for Angora and Piccolo.  It's sunny and feels about 72 deg, so not letting them out seemed mean.  They're finding their way with surprising aplomb. Thanks again.  Couldn't have done it without you!  All the best ....."
Meli, Berlin, Germany

"Thank you Sandy, you have been such a godsend through all this!  I can't even begin to let you know what a relief it has been knowing you were on the case.  As soon I realized the mess-up with the chip numbers (when I contacted you for the first time) I knew this was something I couldn't tackle on my own. Thank you for your persistence and dedication and for not giving up on us, thank you so much for helping us be reunited with Brody and for getting us through the mess that was his paperwork, and thanks again for all your help.  We are so happy to have been fortunate enough to have our paths cross with yours."
Amy, London, England
"Hi Sandy, ...... Greetings from Scotland!  I wanted to let you know that after a 6,600 mile journey involving 10 hours on a plane, planes, automobiles, trains, and a ferry, Walter and I have safely arrived in Orkney. He seems to be adjusting well and is fascinated by the new scenery outside of the window.  Thank you so much for all of your help in making this happen.  There were absolutely no hitches, and people were very friendly and helpful along the way."
Marcia, Orkney, Scotland
"Hi Sandy.  It's 1:09 am, and Smokey and I have just gotten back from a nice walk around the neighborhood--smelling, peeing, pooping, getting his bearings. Thanks for your assistance in getting Smokey to his new home.  All is right with the world.  He went into the house, wandered around, ran upstairs and woke up the kids, who were very surprised and delighted to see him.  Lovely homecoming."
Errin, Lake Oswego, Oregon

"Both of our cats arrived in good shape, and obviously taken care of because their cages had been cleaned and they weren't starving when we got home. Thank you so much for helping get them over here - and with the 5:30am paper chase for you - I'm sure it couldn't be too easy!! I love it!!  thanks again!!!!!"
Lydia in London, England
"Thank you very much for your help in transporting my dog from New York to California!!!  It was the English Bulldog part that I was having so much trouble with in getting him to California, and I couldn't have done it without you.  Again I really appreciate all your help and it was great working with you. Thanks alot!!"
Sandeep, Yuba City, California
"Hey Sandy!  We have had some crazy times these last few weeks! For the first time since Christmas I am sitting on the couch my dog at my feet! I cant believe how much he has grown, how much he has changed, and how much he is still just the same old dog! We couldnt have done this without you! With all the little dilemmas and having to keep multiple people in the loop, having Rossi here seems like a miracle! I am so thrilled to have my puppy home and still a little in shock that my little family is whole again! I want to give you a very heartfelt thank you for doing what you do and shipping our dog to England! Thank you Sandy!"
Elizabeth, London, England
"My name is Valerie, you made all of the arrangements for my beautiful kitty Percy to fly from Portland to Tampa, and all went well. He arrived safely and promptly at Tampa. I would like to thank  you for all of your wonderful help, and making this a lot less stressful for me to have my kitty fly. You answered all of my questions and offered great advice, I would like to thank you again, and I will recommend your services to everyone I know that needs to have a loved one fly."
Valerie, Tampa, Florida
 "Skye made it back to Scotland safe and sound. We picked her up and took her down to the beach where she had a good run with her sister Jessie (our 3 year old black lab) and then we came back to the house where she and I crashed out from our very long day of traveling. LOL! Don took a picture of us because he thought it was so cute. Not the best pic but after a long day of being stuck on planes and running around airports... it's not bad, and we hope you enjoy it! We can't thank you enough for all your help. We loved how you were on the ball and with us all the way. Thank you so much and we look forward to working with you in the future. Well done, Sandy, thank you so much! Many thanks! "
Cammae & Donald, Edinburgh, Scotland
"Hi Sandy! Suma has arrived and is enjoying exploring her new home here in London. I can't tell you how happy we are to have her back! Thank you somuch for everything. It's because of your extreme care every step of the way that allowed this transition to run as smoothly as possible. We REALLY appreciate your services and attention to detail. Thank you for helping our cat arrive safely!"
Shyla, London, England

"We made it!  The boys were waiting for us when we arrived at the airport - they'd cleared through without any problems.  After a long drive back home, all 3 are exploring their new home.  Little Marley is especially excited to see them.  She's been crawling after them nonstop and I think they can't believe how fast she's gotten. Thank you all for all the help.  We're so happy to be reunited!"
Alicia, Norwich, England
"Sandy I really appreciate everything SO much. It was going to be prohibitively expensive to get my birds to their final destination since no carriers go "all the way". The cost saving you have given me is deeply appreciated." 
Becky, Honolulu, Hawaii
"Thanks so much for your help and guidance. Things got a little hectic for me, but as long as my puppy was safe and got to her new home healthy and happy, that's all that mattered. LIFE is full of these little adventures, and because of you I know I'd do it again! Thanks so much for all your help."
Dave, Namibia


"Hi Sandra,
Thanks for all your hard work and help. Wolfie arrived safely and in good spirits. We will be allowed to see him in 2 weeks, and he will be out of quarantine by August 1st. Once again you have been a great help.
Kindest regards"
Paul, Dublin, Ireland
"I worked with a lady at VIP Pet Transport who's name is Sandy and I could not have been happier with her. She took care of everything and was completely worth every penny of her fee"
Amy, London, England
"I want to start with a big Thank you for your excellent service, Jessie arrived home on Wednesday, on time, safe and well. My Wife had nothing but good words for VIP which rounds off your terrific service from pick up to drop off.I really do appreciate all your help and will not hesitate to contact you as soon as I need to ship Jessie again. Thanks again, "
Andy, London, England
"Everything turned out just great! Thank you so much for all your help. You have made this so much easier."
Sandra, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
"Monty arrived safe and sound this morning or last night for us I guess.  My mum and brother Rod picked him up with absolutely no problems - they just asked for Monty and the lady said "oh the one with the funny face". How Cheeky! Thank you so much for all your was completely worthwhile for my part and I am so relieved that he is there and ok.  I am convinced the paperwork would not have gone smoothly without your involvement and I really appreciate the excellent service you provided."
Jan, Phoenix, Arizona and London, England